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I would be pleased to form a partnership with your office. I have a background which includes working in and working with a variety of business and government sectors, plus large and small organizations.



Put your ideas into action. A new application can be custom-made to fit your plans.

We can work step-by-step to buildup a new PC application tailored to your needs. We can rewrite an old software system and give it new features or take something that you do manually and put it onto a computer.


Spruce up your existing software. Remove irritations and make the changes you need to keep your system competitive.

Like a house, software systems can start to show their age and need repairs. If you have a PC-based system written in dBASE or one of its cousins (Clipper, FoxBase, etc.) that needs a little fixing up, contact me. New reports or modifications can be done for you. These improvements can help your workflow or meet new regulatory requirements.


Most software works just fine. However, a complementary application which uses your exising data could be just the thing you need.

Your office may discover the information it gathers in your present software could be really useful for a new purpose. We can work together to develop software that is built around your current data. Here are some ideas for how to build upon an existing strength:

System Conversions

Do you have a major project underway and need to convert data from one source to another? Many database systems can be moved to a new brand of database without the need to reenter or recreate your information.

Some projects involves moving up from a small database system based on Microsoft Access, dBASE, Clipper, or Microsoft FoxPro to a more robust relational database management system (RDBMS) such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. After mergers or corporate reorganizations, a variety of RDBMS may exist. It is often sensible to standardize and consolidate systems. If you need to move data from one of the major database systems to another (say, between Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server), contact me with your details and requirements.

Software and Hardware Evaluation

Are you having trouble choosing between expensive software or hardware? Let's identify your specific requirements and find the choice which meets your needs with the best total cost of ownership.

Training and Tutoring

Does someone in your office need one-on-one help to get them up to speed on common software packages like Microsoft Outlook or using the internet? Would you like a custom course developed and later delivered on-site to your staff? If your training needs are more extensive, we can work together to identify your needs to find the right training services for you.