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Feel free to browse my site. If you see there is a fit between what I offer and what you need, I would be happy to discuss your ideas for projects that combine our skills.

If we are to succeed together, I feel I should share with you my outlook.

Whether your office is public or private, big or small, nearby or far away, I view us as a team of equals. I see this as the best way to build a workable business relationship. Not only should our partnership be financially beneficial for both of us, but it should be enriching at a personal level, too.

We should define clear objectives with measurable results for any work we start. We can review these simple points as the project proceeds. In some cases it may not be easy to identify them, but they will keep us focussed on what is best for your operations. Among the objectives should be a proper financial return or a valuable improvement in efficiency.

Traditionally software was designed, made, tested, and implemented - all in one shot. Those tasks are no less important today, but they have been changed. Now it is common to break down a project into much smaller pieces. The most important parts of the project are tackled first. Once implemented, then the next most important are undertaken. This has advantages.

Working in the manner described above will go a long way to creating trust. That in turn can lead to a long-term business relationship. And that is my goal.

Mon français est mauvais. Au moment, je pense ce n'est pas possible de travailler dans la langue. Je l'étude, alors j'espère c'est possible à l'avenir. Merci pour votre comprehension.

Geoff S. Wass