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Here is a summary of my background. You can get more detailed information of my education and work experience in my résumé.


I attended the University of Regina and completed two degrees in 1991. One was a Bachelor of Science degree with the Co-op Work/Study designation. The Co-op programme at the University of Regina alternates semesters of study with semesters of work related to the area of study. In parallel, I did a Bachelor of Administration degree and I graduated with Distinction.

Work Experience

Thanks to the Co-op Work/Study programme, I got an early start in the IT field. After I was done the programme, but still attending university, I was able to work part-time and summers with the last company I worked for under the programme. Much of my work involved creating programs, documenting them, creating user manuals and training users.

Shortly after graduation from university I did contract work for the Saskatchewan Department of Finance (Cash and Debt Management branch). At the time Saskatchewan was preparing to launch to the public the first issue of Saskatchewan Savings Bonds. I provided advice on the development of the system and created the Bond Registry software which issued and recorded every bond sold and also managed various bond services like redemptions, interest payments and consolidation of holdings.

While I was a student I was active in a university-based organization called AIESEC which operates the world's largest job exchange. It is through AIESEC that I originally ended up in Malaysia. After my 15 month exchange job ended, I decided to stay longer in Malaysia and found other work there. My exchange job was a teaching position at the largest private college in Malaysia. I gave lectures for the computer department and gaving training in software packages.

My later work in Malaysia had me programming again and managing a small IT department. Noordindarus Consultancy processed health insurance claims on behalf of large Malaysia corporations (the main telephone and power companies), plus ten or more insurance companies. My business background allowed me to also act as an adviser to the owner of the company.

When I returned to Canada I accepted a position with eSys Medical/eLynx here in Montréal. They had a highly-regarded radiology information system (RIS). They were later bought by Eclipsys, one of the largest integrated healthcare software companies in the US. My work in Montréal involved developing interfaces between the RIS and other software, plus helping customers to solve technical issues.

In my various jobs I have been mixing programming and consultation, as well as training and documentation. I have worked in both large and small companies and those companies have had customers which were all different sizes. I worked for the Saskatchewan government and for a variety of private companies. As well, I have worked both in Canada and in Malaysia. I feel fortunate to have had exposure to such variety.

For several years I have also been a volunteer answer questions in the news groups sponsored by Databased Intelligence Inc. (formerly dBASE Inc.) which now makes the dBASE line of products.